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Root Canal Therapy

Just the mere words, ‘Root Canal Treatment’, would be enough to give a negative impression on treatment to come. Visitors to Underwood Dental Care will know that it is a simple and usually painless procedure. In fact, some patients have been known to fall asleep during treatment! Occasionally, the nerve in a tooth can die. This can be due to extensive decay on a tooth, trauma, or a long history of deep fillings. This can cause an unbearable toothache that prevents you from doing normal daily tasks.

You may require pain medication or even antibiotics to settle the discomfort, however while this minimises your symptoms in the short term, the underlying issue of the infection will still be present unless the source (ie. the inflamed and dying nerve) is removed. The way to remove the nerve that allows us to save the tooth is called Root Canal Treatment which usually takes 2-3 appointments. Although the nerve of the tooth is dead or dying, the actual tooth is not. To save the tooth, we would spend the first appointment cleaning out the small space in the centre of the tooth occupied by the nerve; disinfect the space and then seal it with a temporary medication which will relieve the tooth pain.

Once pain free, the temporary filling and medicament will be cleaned out and permanently sealed. By doing this, the tooth will prevent future colonisation of this space by bacteria. This treatment effectively saves the tooth as the tooth does not require blood supply from the nerve for its successful function.

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