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Beauty Trends in 2013…? I’m not so sure…

I was browsing through the internet news recently and an interesting article popped up. It wrote about the “Beauty trends of 2013.” It spoke about the demand for customised hair, false lashes, fake tans etc that are putting pressure on professionals to respond by lowering their prices and opening longer hours.

That I can understand… but then…

– Flashing diamonds on front teeth. They’re stuck on with the same type of glue used for braces. Rapper Kayne West started the trend back in 2010 – now young ladies in Australia want a diamond twinkle when they smile. Or ruby or emerald. But diamonds are best for that haven’t-got-food stuck-in-my-teeth look. Which is so not 2013.

I’m not so sure this’ll catch on… What do you think?kanyediamondteeth01_1