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Make your smile sparkle with porcelain veneers in Brisbane

Porcelain veneers are a popular and fast option for Brisbane and Logan clients who want to achieve a straighter, white smile. Do you have teeth that are worn at the edges, discoloured, poorly positioned or appear crooked, or have small teeth or spaces that can’t be closed with other dental solutions? If this sounds like your teeth, then porcelain veneers might be a great solution for your smile. Porcelain veneer treatments completed by our Logan based dental team allow you to keep your natural tooth structure while giving you that Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of. Come and speak to our veneer experts at Underwood Dental Care to determine if porcelain veneers are the right teeth repair option for you.

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Get a Hollywood smile in Logan with porcelain veneers

Are you searching for a cosmetic dentistry solution in your local Logan, Brisbane or Springwood area for porcelain veneers to correct crooked, chipped, spaced or discoloured teeth? The team at Underwood Dental Care can create custom porcelain veneers for a straighter, whiter and natural looking smile

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A fast, effective solution

Perfect for healthy teeth not responding to usual treatments.

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Comfort and confidence

A comfortable option that looks and feels like your natural tooth.

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Non-invasive cosmetic procedure

A fast, non-invasive cosmetic dentistry option with amazing results.



What’s involved in getting porcelain veneers?

A porcelain veneer is a thin custom-made porcelain shell that is applied over, and bonded to, the front surface of your tooth in order to cover and modify its appearance. In order to get a custom structure that looks and feels like your natural tooth, an impression of your natural tooth will be taken so that we can make one to fit your mouth perfectly. Veneers can require little to no anaesthesia during preparation and very little natural tooth is removed, ensuring a secure bond is achieved. As porcelain is translucent, natural light is allowed to pass through the shell, meaning that we can achieve an extremely realistic life-like effect on the affected tooth.


How long do porcelain veneers take?

From initial consultation to going home with your new and improved smile, porcelain veneers take about two weeks from start to finish. Our team of porcelain veneer specialists at Underwood Dental Care will start with an initial appointment to ensure your teeth and gums are suitable for veneers. Next we’ll conduct an oral health check and clean to make sure your mouth is ready to take a digital 3D scan impression of your teeth for the veneers. During your next appointment, we will apply your new porcelain veneers with a strong bonding adhesive to cement them into place. You’ll walk out of our practice in Underwood with your brand new porcelain veneers and a winning smile.

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Teeth whitening


Underwood Dental Care porcelain veneers

If you are searching for a team of highly trained dentists to correct your smile with high-quality porcelain veneers, then Underwood Dental Care is here for you.

Since 2009, Underwood Dental Care has offered fast, cost-effective porcelain veneers to correct and restore the smiles of our customers in Underwood, Brisbane, Logan and Springwood. Our welcoming practice, based in Underwood, is equipped with high-tech, marketing-leading dental technologies to ensure our porcelain veneer services are precise, comfortable and long-lasting.

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