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Health Funds


Dental health funds available at our clinic

Underwood Dental Care is passionate about making dental services more affordable, accessible and transparent for our patients who are eligible for dentist treatments through health funds.

Underwood Dental Care is proud to accept many health funds at our dental clinic. Health fund members can confidently choose Underwood Dental Care as their preferred dentist, knowing that many procedures and check ups are eligible for rebate, depending on your level of cover.

Many health funds provide transparent pricing and price limits for health fund dental cover. Some funds even offer free annual dental check-ups, so make sure you book an appointment at Underwood Dental Care to take advantage of your dental health insurance benefits each year!

Here at Underwood Dental Care, we encourage regular dental check-ups, and partner with the following dental health funds: Bupa, HCF, CBHS, TUH. If you have any further questions regarding your chosen health fund insurer, contact our Logan-based team today.


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