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Payment Plans


Payment plans and options

At Underwood Dental Care we want to ensure the best dental care is made affordable for all our patients, and believe that our clients should have access to a dentist with payment plans.

In addition to being a payment plan dentist, we accept private health insurance, as well as eligible government funding schemes. Our patients from across Brisbane, Logan and Springwood get the dental treatment they require, whether it is a sudden or specialist treatment, and can pay over time with our dentist payment plans.

We understand that some dental treatment costs are made more manageable with a dentist payment plan, and can arrange for payments to be made in instalments, rather than an upfront, full payment. If you have any further enquiries regarding setting up a payment plan, our friendly and understanding team are here to help. Our reception team is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your needs and circumstances.

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Using your Super to pay for dental care

In Australia, Compassionate Release of Super allows people to access their retirement savings early for urgent dental care. However, you’ll need to prove you are suffering from severe dental pain and that you’ll use the money only for the approved treatment.

No matter what your situation, the first step is to see your dentist. If you can’t afford the recommended treatment, they’ll discuss payment options with you, including accessing your Super early. They’ll even get together all the necessary forms if you choose this route.

Want more details about using your Super for dental care? Just call us! Or click the button below to read more.

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