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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment Brisbane

Our experienced team at Underwood Dental Care regularly treat root canals for our patients from Brisbane, Springwood and Logan, ensuring that root canal therapy is a simple and painless procedure for our clients.

A root canal procedure is perfect for clients with internally damaged teeth that want to save their natural tooth. A root canal treatment often costs less than a tooth implant, bridge or crown and will often avoid the need for a tooth to be extracted.

 If a tooth has suffered trauma, decay, or even a history of deep fillings, the nerve in a tooth can be damaged or can die causing severe toothache pain and meaning a root canal treatment is often required.

Choose Underwood Dental Care for professional and efficient root canal treatment in Brisbane. Our dentists can assess your needs to provide you root canal therapy as soon as possible, so the tooth does not need to be extracted.

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Root canal treatment for Brisbane and Logan clients

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Repair a tooth that has been damaged or decayed, in order to save it from extraction with our team of Logan dentists.

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Our experienced staff will remove infected parts of a tooth to prevent damage, and treat pain caused by toothache.

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Painless and simple procedures will preserve healthy parts of the tooth and ensure our clients save their smiles.

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Root canal treatment involves removing the dead nerve of a tooth, strengthening and sealing the remaining tooth, and root canals can usually take 2 – 3 appointments. Over the course of these appointments, your dentist will clean out the centre of the tooth, disinfect the remaining space, and seal it with a temporary medication to relieve tooth pain. Once pain free, the temporary filling and medicament will be cleaned out and permanently sealed.

By performing a root canal our team of dentists can prevent future infection of this tooth from bacteria. This treatment effectively saves the tooth as the tooth does not require blood supply from the nerve for its successful function.


Root canal therapy can save your tooth

Our team of highly trained Brisbane dentists will ensure that by saving your natural tooth, you’ll not only be preventing further infections, you’ll likely also avoid complicated and costly procedures that can occur from having a tooth completely extracted.

If you are suffering from tooth pain or infection and require a root canal treatment from our highly trained team of dentists, we will ensure you are well looked after, including the prescription of pain medication or even antibiotics to settle any discomfort.  

When receiving a root canal treatment at our Underwood clinic, any damage or decay will be resolved, and the tooth will be restored. At Underwood Dental Care, we provide urgent and ongoing treatment for root canal therapy to our patients in Brisbane, Logan and Springwood.

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