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Providing dental care to TUH Health Fund members

Underwood Dental Care is a preferred TUH dentist for patients in the Brisbane, Logan and Springwood area. We focus on offering holistic treatments for dental needs, and accept TUH health fund members, which means more money back for our patients.

TUH aims to provide better health cover for the education community and their families by offering affordable health insurance. TUH is not-for-profit, owned entirely by members and their extras benefits alone can cover a wide range of dental services at Underwood Dental Care. The dental treatments members are covered for depends on individual levels of cover, and can include dental prosthetics, major dental, orthodontics.

Being a TUH Health Fund preferred provider means that TUH dental patients are eligible to receive certain dental treatments at no gap aat Underwood Dental Care. Contact TUH for more information about their dental health cover by visiting tuh.com.au

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