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Dental Implants


Brisbane dental implants

Underwood Dental Care is Brisbane’s leading dental care team delivering dental implants and creating healthy smiles for patients across Logan, Brisbane and Springwood.

Dental implants create a strong and permanent replacement for a natural tooth. Dental implants in Brisbane are manufactured from titanium or titanium alloy, and there are many different implant systems, each delivering a highly reliable tooth implant replacement for lost natural teeth.

When paired with CEREC same day dental crowns or long lasting dental bridges, our patients in Brisbane, Logan and Underwood can regain the full function of their teeth and confidence in their smile thanks to our high quality dental implants.

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Dental implant solutions

If you are searching for the best dental bridges or high-quality CEREC crowns in Brisbane, Logan or Springwood, then the team at Underwood Dental Care have the experience and expertise that’s right for you.

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Dental implants create an anchor for CEREC crowns or bridges to replace missing natural teeth.

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Strong, titanium or titanium alloy tooth implant systems create a permanent dental solution.

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We offer competitive prices for dental implants to replace single or multiple teeth. 

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How do dental implants work?

At Underwood Dental Care, our dental implants are manufactured with strong, titanium or titanium alloy screws. Our highly qualified team of Underwood based dentists will surgically place the dental implants into your jawbone, where the implant will replace the root of your missing tooth. The dental implant will fuse with your jawbone to create a strong and permanent anchor for bridges, crowns or dentures.

In order to support replacement teeth, dental implants have a strong internal screw thread that allows a variety of components to be fitted, providing the foundation for the long-term support of bridges, CEREC crowns or dentures. At Underwood Dental Care, our patients from Brisbane, Logan and Underwood trust us to deliver high quality and long lasting dental implants for a functional and confident smile.


Tooth implants in Logan

At Underwood Dental Care, our team of friendly and highly trained dentists offer a range of dental implant procedures to correct your teeth and restore your smile to full function.

In your consultation for tooth implants, our dentists will discuss the procedure, timing and cost of dental implants. Our highly qualified Logan based dentists have delivered thousands of dental implants for patients across Brisbane, Logan and Springwood for over a decade.

Contact our local team in Underwood to book a dental implant consultation with one of our friendly dentists, and start your journey towards a strong and healthy smile with a dental implant today

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