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NIB dental for eligible members

At Underwood Dental Care, we’re focused on meeting the holistic dental care needs of our patients, and we understand that this includes offering HICAPs payment facilities for health funds like NIB. Underwood Dental Care is proud to be an NIB dentist Brisbane, servicing patients in the Brisbane, Logan, and Springwood area.

NIB provides extras cover to rebate the cost for the everyday services needed to keep your teeth healthy, which is why the NIB preferred dentists at Underwood Dental Care have the experience and care to help you achieve a winning smile. NIB can provide 60% to 100% back on your costs, depending on your particular NIB health insurance plan and your chosen cover.

At Underwood Dental Care, our team of dentists are highly trained and know how to care for the teeth of you and your family, from children to teens and adults. Underwood Dental Care offers services including check-ups and cleans, extractions, white fillings, teeth implants, dentures and more. With NIB dental cover, children may receive a full rebate for children’s dental services, and adult rebates will depend on your level of cover. Depending on your NIB policy, you may be eligible to claim on a range of dental treatments at Underwood Dental Care.

Have more choice when it comes to the dental treatment you need, and check with our reception team if you are unsure what is covered by your NIB health insurance. If you are seeking NIB dental care in Logan, Brisbane or Springwood, our qualified team of dentists at Underwood Dental Care is here for you.

For more information on which cover is right for you, please see www.nib.com.au

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