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Tooth Fillings


Tooth filling in Brisbane/ Logan

At Underwood Dental Care, our friendly team of dentists can take care of your teeth with tooth fillings. One of the most common dental conditions in the world, tooth decay and cavities were once covered up with gold or amalgam fillings. With the advances in modern dental materials and techniques, white fillings, also called composite fillings, are now the material of choice for dentists. 

Tooth fillings protect and strengthen teeth that have suffered from decay. White dental fillings are matched to your natural tooth colour, creating a natural looking solution and allowing you to smile, laugh and talk with confidence.

Our dentists are gentle and thorough in their approach to white tooth fillings, ensuring all patients at Underwood Dental Care receive a comfortable and convenient service. Experience the difference of white fillings in Brisbane with our expert dental care team.

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Dental filling to our Brisbane and Logan clients

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Replace old tooth fillings

Replace old, grey or discoloured amalgam or gold fillings with white fillings.

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Fast, natural looking fillings

Get white dental fillings in just one visit with our team of Logan dentists.

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Cost-effective tooth filling solution

Achieve a natural-looking smile with simple, cost-effective methods.

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Replace your old amalgam or gold fillings with white tooth fillings

With the advances in modern dental materials and techniques, Underwood Dental Care can give you a stunning, natural smile without the appearance of dark coloured fillings.

Our highly-trained dental team at Underwood team will consult with you carefully during your appointment, ensuring the process of old tooth filling replacement is the right option for you.

Replacing old amalgam or gold fillings with white fillings can create a more uniform and natural tooth appearance, while continuing to strengthen and protect your teeth from further decay.


The most natural looking dental filling

White fillings offer the most aesthetically pleasing method of filling cavities. White composite fillings are made from tooth-coloured resin compounds that restore the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth. Our Brisbane dentists can usually complete dental fillings in just one session, with minimal healthy tooth cut away for the procedure.

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Underwood Dental Care white tooth fillings

If you are suffering from tooth decay or cavities, or you want to remove your old amalgam or gold fillings and replace them with a natural white composite filling, then our team of expert dentists at Underwood Dental Care are the right choice for you.

Servicing patients from around Underwood, Logan, Brisbane and Springwood, our dental team are highly-trained in cosmetic dentistry and will ensure you receive gentle and expert care for your white tooth fillings. If you want a healthier, stronger and brighter smile, then the team of Logan-based dentists at Underwood Dental Care are ready to take care of you.

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