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Dentures in Brisbane

Based in our welcoming dental clinic in Underwood, Dr Ben, Dr Amos and their friendly team of highly trained dentists at Underwood Dental Care offer complete and partial denture options for our clients in Brisbane, Logan and Springwood.

Dentures can be beneficial to those who are looking to replace one tooth, several, or all of their teeth. Whether you need a flexible denture in Brisbane or traditional options, our experienced team is dedicated to providing personalised solutions to meet your dental needs.

Dentures are often used as a cheaper alternative to dental bridges or dental implants, while still maintaining comfort and durability. With the latest technology, the empty space created by a missing tooth can be closed with fit-for-purpose artificial denture teeth. Each tooth can be positioned individually and naturally to give dentures a more realistic appearance.

Our team at Underwood Dental Care can discuss with you the cost of dentures, as well the timing of creation of your dentures and the aftercare requirements. If you’re considering dentures to regain your smile and confidence, contact our friendly team of dentists in Logan today to discuss the best solution for you.

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Denture solutions at Underwood Dental Care

The experienced team at Underwood Dental Care have helped clients from Brisbane, Logan and Springwood regain their confidence and their smile through custom dentures or partial dentures for the last 13 years.

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Full or complete dentures offer a holistic solution to clients wanting to replace all of their teeth.

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Partial dentures are a removable solution that fills spaces created by one or more missing teeth.

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Artificial denture teeth are designed to look, feel and function like natural teeth.

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Partial dentures in Brisbane

Underwood Dental Care offers partial dentures for those seeking an affordable solution to complete their smile and fill the spaces that remain when teeth are lost. A partial denture may replace one or more teeth, to give you a full set of teeth again, in order to aid in eating, talking, and preventing complications from damaged natural teeth.

Our team will customise a partial denture base for you using a variety of materials, with Acrylic Resin and Chrome Cobalt alloys among the most common. Valpast flexible dentures are also becoming more popular, as the flexible, metal-free nylon thermoplastic compound provides a comfortable alternative to traditional metal partial dentures. The final outcome is an aesthetic and functional dentures to complete your smile and improve functionality. The team at Underwood Dental Care will discuss with you the partial denture options available, and the cost of dentures, to allow you to make a choice that is right for you.


Dentures in Brisbane

If you are needing a full or complete denture set, Underwood Dental Care can provide artificial denture teeth custom made for you, and designed to have the look and feel of natural teeth.

Full dentures can be made to replace the upper teeth, lower teeth or both upper and lower teeth. If natural teeth require removal, then a full denture will be constructed before the teeth are removed, and the denture can be placed in the mouth straight away following removal. The advantage is that patients at Underwood Dental Care will never be without teeth during the healing period. A qualified dentist from the team at Underwood Dental Care will always fit your dentures, ensuring they are comfortable and fit well, giving you confidence in chewing, biting and smiling.

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