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Best toothbrush in my opinion…

One of the most common questions I am faced with in the dental surgery is “Which is better? Electric or manual toothbrushes?” And so the answer to that often is a little like… “well it depends”.

The main 3 things that dentists look for in a toothbrush is 1/ a long handle for better reach ability, 2/ soft bristles to minimise any unnecessary excess trauma to the gums and 3/ a small tooth brush head to get into all those ‘hard to reach areas’.

Can a manual tooth brush tick all the above boxes? Yes! But I have yet to find one that is readily available at the supermarket (please prove me wrong colgate, oral-B)

Will an electric tooth brush tick all the above boxes? Yes! And adding to the 3 principles, a 4th. That is, the spinning action of the tooth electric tooth brush will further minimise any trauma to the gingival tissue (gums) had you used a course manual tooth brush in a backwards-and-forwards scrubbing motion.

I haven’t been paid by any tooth brush manufacturer to post this, but having tried the major brands of electric toothbrushes, I would recommend the Philips FlexCare+ as my number 1 pick. The difference between the Philips Sonicare range of brushes and other brands is their patented sonic technology. The sonic pulsation of the toothbrush physically breaks up plaque build up (like a jackhammer breaks up concrete). Research has been compiled here if anyone is interested in the facts and figures.