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Celebrity Braces

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged… so I thought it would be nice to kick start 2011 with a light hearted entry.

Many patients around their 30’s, 40’s and beyond don’t like the appearance of their teeth. Sure- we can discuss whitening options, veneers, composite bonding build ups etc all day with them, but one thing that patient’s don’t realise is that there is no substitute and nothing better than having YOUR OWN TEETH.

I’m talking about braces!

Braces will allow your EXISTING teeth to be straightened back into line for that perfect smile, without adding anything onto your teeth. Dental technology has improved over the years as braces are becoming less visible and easier to wear. Next time you’re in, have a chat to me about different options currently available.

One might think they are too old for braces… but I stumbled across a website the other day titled appropriately “Celebrity Braces”.


This may at least implant a seed of thought into you that you’re never too old for braces… at the end of the day, it is the “ideal” option…

The Exonerated - Cast Change