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Children’s Dentistry

As a new parent, I’m starting to take a greater interest in children’s health and children’s dentistry.

Parents often ask me what age is best to bring their children to see the dentist for the first time. I recommend children begin coming to the practice around the age of 3 years.  For younger siblings they can even come in from 1 year old as they like to be involved in what their elder siblings are doing. We encourage siblings to all come together to their dental visit to be exposed to the dental environment at an early age.

Prior to this age, however, it is important to begin a regular dental hygiene routine at home. Ensuring that the teeth are cleaned with a child-strength fluoridated tooth paste on a daily basis is very important. During this time, parents should also be lifting the lip to ensure no cavities are developing.


We like to keep children’s first dental visits at our practice short, sweet and fun for the whole family. Apart from myself at the practice, Dr Jennifer Yu takes a strong interest in seeing children and works in School Dental Services in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane part time.

Learn our Children’s Dentistry

Children who visit the dentist regularly from an early age are less likely to develop dental anxiety and we can minimise risks of problems such as tooth decay, mouth infections and gum disease from occurring.

With the addition of the Government Child Dental Benefits Scheme, children between ages 2 to 17 may be entitled to $1000 of dental treatment over 2 years. At Underwood Dental Care, we bulk bill these patients, meaning there is no out-of-pocket expense to you.

To make an appointment with our Children’s Dentist in Brisbane, please contact our friendly staff on (07) 3341 9770.