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do braces hurt

Do Braces Hurt?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we hear about braces.

As with all procedures, people respond differently to treatment and pain. Here are some things you can expect when you get braces.

Applying Braces to Teeth

Applying braces to teeth is a painless procedure. It takes around one hour and the dentist uses a device that holds your cheeks back for a good view of your mouth.

Each tooth is prepared, sealed and dried so that the adhesive will stick. A bracket is glued to each tooth and the adhesive is cured with a blue light to help setting.

Wires are inserted through slots on the front of the brackets, and coloured ties are used to hold the wires in place. There are many colours available, and you can choose which one you like.

After the wires are placed, the dentist will ask you to feel around your teeth with your tongue to see if there are any sharp edges that might bother your cheeks or lips.

They may adjust the wire ends to remove any sharp edges. You’ll be given dental wax that you can rub over the braces to help smooth the surface to lessen irritation to your cheeks.

After the Braces Are Applied

You may feel pulling or some discomfort from the pressure of the braces as they start to adjust your teeth. Many people eat soft foods the first few days as they get used to the braces.

For a few days, it may feel as if your teeth are sticking out of your mouth. It will probably feel a bit strange but is completely normal.

Pain and Discomfort with Braces

If you have pain or discomfort, you can take mild, over-the-counter pain relief. You can also use a warm salt water rinse or eat cold foods.

Your cheeks will eventually get used to the braces and most people don’t notice that they have them after a month or so.

You will have follow up dental appointments periodically to adjust the braces as part of the tooth alignment process. This tightening may cause temporary discomfort or a sensation of pulling in your jaw, teeth or gums.

Finally, removing braces is as painless as putting them on, and the reward is straight teeth and a beautiful smile!