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Don’t forget about your teeth this festive season!


As the year draws to a close, our bodies are likely to be faced with a battering of bad foods and drinks. As we indulge in fatty and sugary foods, our intake of alcohol goes up and late nights become the norm in the lead up to Christmas, we need not forget about the health of our bodies. While many of us can see the obvious effects of festive season over-indulgence in the form of weight gain and a generally tired appearance, there’s one part of our bodies that we rarely give a second thought to – our teeth.

At this busy time of year, where routine goes out the window, who has time to think about our oral hygiene routine? Well, maybe you should.

Not only could you be paying the price come January, but at the time of the year when we’re likely to be getting up close and personal in the form of hugs, dancing with friends and family, and kisses under the mistletoe, many of us could be putting people off without a second thought.

In a recent survey by Wrigleys (the makers of many chewing gums eg. Extra) over 70 per cent of people say bad teeth or bad breath would be their biggest turnoff if they were to kiss someone at this year’s work party, with over a quarter ranking fresh breath at the most important factor when preparing for the Christmas bash.

So how can you make sure your breath is fresh and our teeth and oral care is in top form ready for the festive season?

As a dentist, the number one solution would be to stay on top of your oral hygiene, regardless of how busy this festive period gets. Regular brushing, flossing and mouth washing will minimise build up of acid-producing plaque which not only causes bad breath, but also damage to your pearly whites.

The Australian Dental Association also encourages regularly chewing of sugar-free gum after meals (such as Extra), to increase the production of acid-buffering saliva, to neautralise the oral environment. This, however is NOT a substitute for tooth brushing.

On behalf of the team at Underwood Dental Care, we wish you and your family a happy and blessed Christmas!