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Invisalign… from real people!

Many patients present to my clinic advising me of a condition that they have because of what they read on the internet.

“I have bleeding gums, it’s a little bit sore, I think there’s also a little bit of ulceration there… the internet said it could potentially be oral cancer… what do you think?”

It can be dangerous the information you read on the internet without having a full understanding of the context.

However, browsing through the internet, I had found quite a useful (and informative) site that allowed people to give real life feedback/ information about their experiences with treatment.

I’m a big fan of sites like Tripadvisor for travel reviews, or Urbanspoon for restaurant reviews.

But have you ever heard of Realself for Invisalign reviews?

If you have ever thought of Invisalign treatment (please see posts below), but would like to find out more. Feel free to visit this site for some real life progressive Invisalign cases.