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It doesn’t cost the world to improve your smile!

Many patients see me knowing that they need things “fixed”… but never come around to it as they’re terrified not so much of how much it’ll hurt, but more so how much it’ll hurt their hip pocket.

What patients aren’t aware of, is the number of options available to “fix” their teeth, without costing an arm and leg.

Take this patient for example. She originally presented with “black spots” on the front 4 teeth. She was conscious of it for a long time, but was fearful of the costs involved. When the picture below was taken, two of the teeth had already been treated.

black spots on teeth

The procedure was simple. The “black spots” (decay) were removed, followed by restoration of the front surfaces of the teeth with composite resin- a white tooth-coloured filling.

resin fixing black spots on teeth

You can see that there are a few other areas in the lower jaw that still need attention. As the patient is now aware of the procedure, she has since re booked for further treatment.

The fillings took no longer than 20 minutes to complete, and cost her $115 each. Of which 80% was covered by her health fund.

This next patient complained of “ragged and chipped front teeth”.

ragged and chipped front teeth

With the help of a little composite resin, we were able to restore his incisal edges to a more uniform colour, form, and allowed him to function/eat properly.

with composite resin restore his incisal edges

So if there is a “niggling spot” that you’re aware of in your mouth, and have not come around to it as you are fearful of the “unknown”… give us a call- you’d be surprised at how easily the issue can be sorted out :)