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Let’s start the year with a dental check up!


First post of 2015!

How is your new year’s resolution coming along?

Many of us start the year making promises to ourselves on living “better lives”. But it’s important to not just make these plans, but to act on them also!

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has urged people to use the start of the year as motivation to put dental health at the top of their 2015 to do list.

You may have made a plan to exercise more, eat less junk food, lose weight, spend more time with the kids. Whatever you had decided upon, good oral health is essential to good general health. As I have posted in previous articles, poor oral health has been linked to chronic disease such as heart disease and diabetes. While we all should rightly focus on exercising more and living a ‘healthier lifestyle’, we should not forget the importance of focusing on our dental health also!

As the kids are back at school now, amongst buying school books, shoes, uniforms, lunch boxes sorted, make sure you put aside some time for you and the kids to visit to the dentist for a check up as well.

Let’s start 2015 with better dental health!

We can do that by following these simple steps:

– Having a healthy diet (fresh fruits and veges)

– Keeping sugary foods and drinks to a minimum

– Brush twice daily

– Floss at least once daily

– Seeing your dentist for a check up and profession scale and clean every 6 months

By following these simple steps, you are on your way to a dentally healthier 2015! :)