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Mouthguard awareness!

With the commencement of club footy and hockey season upon us… it’s time to make you aware of MOUTHGUARDS.

Many parents bring their kids to see me as they complain of their children not wearing their store-bought heat-and-mould mouthguard. It doesn’t matter where you purchase them; online, at a sports store, chemist, supermarket…with the poor fit, poor protection and poor retention of the “stock” mouthguards, it’s no wonder that the children aren’t keeping the mouthguard in their mouths- where they need it most!

Why do you need a mouthguard?

Damaged or knocked out teeth, broken jaws and cut lips can be sustained when playing sport. Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard helps to absorb and spread the impact of a blow to your face, which might otherwise result in an injury to your mouth or jaw.

Dental injuries can result in time off school or work to recover, can be painful and disfiguring, and may involve lengthy and complex dental treatment. The cost of an injury to your teeth or jaw far exceeds the cost of a custom-fitted mouthguard.

It still puzzles me as to why it is compulsory for Rugby Union players to wear mouthguards, but not compulsory for Rugby League players! Why risk it?


When should I wear a mouthguard?

Custom-fitted mouthguards should be worn whilst playing and training for any sport where there is a possibility of contact to the face. These sports can include rugby league and union, AFL, hockey, netball, basketball, soccer and contact martial arts. Just like having the correct shoes and sporting equipment, all people playing these sports need to wear a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Other mouthguard tips

  • The Australian Dental Association strongly recommends investing in a custom-fitted mouthguard from your dentist.
  • Have your mouthguard checked at your regular dental check-up  to make sure it fits correctly and offers maximum protection.
  • Keep your mouthguard clean and store it in a rigid container, away from heat to ensure it maintains its shape.

If you have private health insurance, we at Underwood Dental Care can make you a custom fitted mouthguard with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE to you! (*health insurance maximum limits apply)

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