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On going orthodontic (braces) cases…

Many patients who I take on to become orthodontic patients are my existing patients for routine dental work. They simply were not aware of the fact that we offered the service.  A common question that I get asked often is,

“So what is the process required for me to get braces?”

Orthodontic treatment 101:

1/ Before we start any form of examination. We would generally begin by having a discussion about what your concerns were; why you want braces, and what your expectations are. We often talk about the different options available on a very general level (Invisalign vs fixed metal braces vs porcelain braces: partial braces vs full braces etc…refer to my previous posts about these options).

We would also obtain some photographic records of your teeth from various angles, so that we have all the adequate information to derive a treatment plan. To complete the records, we would refer you for X-rays at our local radiography clinic. There are no costs for these X-rays as they are bulk-billed to Medicare.

2/ Once we’ve had some time to examine the photographs and X-ray records, we would invite you back to the clinic at no cost to discuss the treatment plan. Detailing the type of treatment, treatment time, costs involved; and answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment to come. We would give you all the information documented onto paper to take home so you can absorb all the information discussed- after all… it can be a lot to take in!

3/ When you have decided to go ahead with treatment, we would book in for a “band-up” appointment. The “band-up” is a pain-free procedure which involves “gluing” the brackets (braces) onto your teeth, one tooth at a time in it’s correct position. “Band-up” can range from upper teeth only, lower teeth only, partial-arch etc… depending on the individual case. The procedure can range from 45 minutes – over an hour, depending on what teeth are receiving orthodontic treatment.

4/ Orthodontic adjustments are usually scheduled in 4-6 week intervals. The adjustment appointments usually take no longer than 15 minutes to check the movement of teeth, general oral hygiene, and adjust the braces as required.

I have attached some patient’s who are currently undergoing braces. The results are great so far… and you would be amazed at the time it has taken to get there!

Patient 1:

Complained of  spacing in front teeth and small lateral incisors clare1-e1380170265737

After 5 months of “partial orthodontic” treatment (8 brackets) – still under treatment…


Patient 2:

Complained of excess overbite and spacing in upper front teeth


8 months of full upper and lower braces- still undergoing treatment…

Result: A severe reduction in overjet (relationship between upper and lower jaws), closed spaces

Both the patients are a sample of the types of cases that can be corrected with braces. As you can see, it doesn’t take very long before results are very noticeable :)