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Q & As from the ADA website

It’s been a while since my last post- things have been flat out here in surgery.
Something that has been brought to my attention recently though were patients’ continual concern towards amalgam in their mouth (silver fillings).

An exert taken from the Australian Dental Association website has some very useful information towards this topic as well as many other topics.

Below are some useful Q&A’s from the ADA website:

1) Question
What’s all the fuss about amalgam fillings?

The ADA policy remains, on the basis of the research available, that the use of dental amalgam produces no harmful effects.

There has been much publicity regarding the safety of dental amalgam. The World Health Organisation and the International Dental Federation have released a joint statement confirming the safety of dental amalgam as a filling material.

The Association believes there is no positive gain in having dental amalgam fillings replaced with other materials, other than for aesthetic reasons.

2) Question
Is it true that amalgam is dangerous for my baby?

If you already have amalgam fillings, there is no evidence to suggest you or your baby will be harmed because of them. However, general principles of public health during pregnancy suggest that it is prudent to avoid any dental treatment that can be deferred. This includes the removal or placement of amalgam fillings during the pregnancy and during the subsequent period of breastfeeding. The NHMRC Working Party report states: “… general public and environmental health principles dictate that where possible exposure to mercury from dental amalgams be reduced where a safe and practical alternative exists. This becomes more prudent in special populations, including children, women in pregnancy and persons with existing kidney disease.

3) Question
Should I have my amalgam fillings replaced?

Dentists replace amalgam fillings for a variety of reasons including recurring decay, fracture, endodontic treatment and appearance.
If you seek replacement of quite satisfactory amalgam fillings for other reasons, such as a concern about the effects of mercury, you may create problems that otherwise would not have occurred, such as:

> Possible damage to or weakening of teeth.
> Sensitivity or pain after the filling.
> Financial problems.