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The end of the year is here…use it or lose it!

christmas teeth

This year has definitely flown by.

We only have a bit over a month before the year ends, and if you’re a bit like me, you’re probably busy fighting through the shopping center crowds on the weekends in the mad christmas rush! You are probably also getting christmas parties organised, and attending school graduations, that the last thing you are worried about are the health of your teeth!

BUT… did you know that as we make plans to welcome in the yew year on December 31st, there is another thing that we will also be saying good bye to as the year ends; our private health entitlements for the year.

With most people paying upwards of $60 per month for private health insurance, doesn’t it make sense that we get some value from it by utilizing the benefits of your cover? As with most health insurance policies, the two most common and widely used benefits on extras covers are dental and optical.

All health funds are different, but generally they will allow for a checkup and clean every 6 months, and then have a yearly limit for general and major dental, which is “topped up” at the end of the year (some health funds work on a financial year).  The reason I say “topped up”, is that it DOES NOT roll over and accumulate, it just tops the limit back up.  If the limit is $1000 for major dental for example, and you don’t use any one year, you still only have $1000 next year, it does not add up to give you $2000.

Although you are probably caught up in the busiest period of the year, spare a moment to give your teeth a thorough check up and clean for your peace of mind. The last thing you need is for a sore tooth to play up and ruin the festive season.

BUT should a problem occur while you’re feasting on that pork crackling on Christmas dinner, we will be open in between the public holidays to ensure you are looked after!

Mon 21 Dec- 8am-7pm

Tues 22 Dec- 8am-5pm

Wed 23 Dec- 8am-5pm

Thur 24 Dec- 8am-1pm

Fri 25 Dec- Closed

Sat 26 Dec- Closed

Mon 28 Dec- 8am-1pm

Tues 29 Dec- 8am-1pm

Wed 30 Dec- 8am-1pm

Thur 31 Dec- 8am – 1pm

Fri 1 Jan- Closed

Commence normal trading hours from 4th January 2016.


Have a very blessed and a merry Christmas and a happy new year from the team at Underwood Dental Care!