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Tooth whitening and tooth wear

An interesting fact to start.  A recent study said that enamel samples treated with orange juice for 20 minutes over 5 cycles (to simulate daily exposure over 5 days) had a 64% decrease in micro-hardness versus no statistically significant changes in samples treated with 6% hydrogen peroxide (a component of many whitening packages). (Source: Ren Y et al, Effects of Tooth Whitening and Orange Juice on Surface Properties of Dental Enamel, Journal of Dentistry, June 2009, Vol  37, No 6, pg 424-431)

What does this mean for me?

Many patients are hesitant to whiten their teeth as they may have heard from someone that it damages their teeth. According to this particular study, you’re worse off drinking orange juice. Of course, I am not suggesting you to cut your intake of orange juice completely… but like with all good things- enjoy in moderation.

An excellent list of FAQs regarding tooth wear can be found here.