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Welcome Dr Amos Wong to the team!

ODC-AJWWe would like to take this opportunity to welcome Dr Amos Wong to the team at Underwood Dental Care.

Dr Amos graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours in Dental Science. He grew up and spent the earlier days of his childhood in Malaysia, and later migrated to Australia with his family in 2008. Currently, Dr Amos works at the University of Queensland Dental School as a Supervising Dentist, and has been awarded a Associate Lecturer title.
Dr Amos enjoys taking care of his patients’ health through dentistry, which he views as a privilege. He particularly enjoys preventive, restorative and the surgical aspects of modern dentistry. He is committed to providing the best dental care to all his patients, treating each one of them with respect and care.
Outside of dentistry, Dr Amos is involved in a Christian youth group in Sherwood and enjoys free time playing sports and fishing. 2015 was a bad fishing year him, but he is optimistic about 2016! Do ask him to show you a picture of him with his a massive flat head!
With more after hour appointments now available, be sure to book the kids in these school holidays for their routine dental examinations!